9 Dec

After two very research heavy themes like Literature and Mythology, I think for the next five days I should just take it easy. So the new theme is The Look. Image means a lot when it comes to a band. In a world like Songfight (the musical community I’m a part of), it’s all about how you sound because your band’s look is often an unknown. But in the MTV world, you have to present an image first and foremost. It’s a multimedia world where an artist has to catch the eye as well as the ear. Just ask Amanda Palmer who is currently fighting with her record label over image. Well, in this theme, I will be looking at all sorts of different looks and trying to appreciate the work that the bands have done to create an image.

First up, Mushroomhead. Many simply claim that they are a Slipknot knockoff but I truly believe that they have their own style which is more similar to the comic book character Grendel than Slipknot. The band is most noted for the X masks but they also have a number of crazy other looks. Take for instance, their bassist Pigbenis

Columbus, Ohio ... ALROSA VILLA

There is something to Mushroomhead’s style that creates a fantasy world when you see them and their videos. When I seem them, I immediately envision warriors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I almost forget that this is a rock band like any other.

Song 755- “Sun Doesn’t Rise” by Mushroomhead


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