10 Dec

If I’m going to talk about bands who put an emphasis on their image, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Rasputina. Led up by Melora Creager, the band is almost the opposite of the band in the last post, Mushroomhead. Where they looked like the results of a apocalyptic future, Rasputina looks like they are the results of throwing a history book into a wheat thresher. Originally, Rasputina’s style was very gothic with their corsets but it has evolved.

They definitely seem like they come from a different time period but upon a look, you definitely can’t place just which one they come from. But the style does fit in with the music as Melora is a big history buff and it is conveyed in the lyrical content. For instance, the song “Rose K”, a story of the Kennedy family matriarch.

Song 756- “Rose K” by Rasputina


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