12 Dec

I’m back after missing a day after what looks like it might be a catastrophic hardware failure!?! But enough about that, I’m here and the show must go on. In the world of Image Rock, no band has ever been so defined by their look as KISS.

KISS-(L-R) Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons Pictures, Images and Photos

How do you describe their look? It’s part space age, part glam and glitter. It’s black and silver and their distinct make-up. Whether it be the Space Ace, The Cat, the Star Man or the Demon, those faces are forgettable and often imitated. And how important is that look to the band’s success. Think about this. They took off the makeup in 1983. That era is full of songs that aren’t that memorable. Do you know “Heaven’s on Fire” or “Tears are Falling”? Many would equate it with those songs not being as good as songs like “Beth”, “Rock and Roll All Nite” or “Strutter”. But I think there’s something to the fact that they started on a musical downswing after they shed their characters. Sure, they had that song “Forever” but that was a power ballad in the time of Nelson. They lost the makeup and lost their aura. Where was the rock? Thankfully they put it back on.

Song 757- “Deuce” by KISS


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