20 Dec

I took the day off yesterday to finish up work on my computer. Now, I’m back but it’s late. I’ve spent the greater part of the day working to put things back on my computer. The other part of my day has been spent struggling with the monster that is iTunes. Someone gave me an iTunes card and I’ve been tracking down some tunes that I don’t own already. And I must say that this m4p stuff is ridiculous. So we have a ton of music players that run on mp3s, would conventional wisdom say to use a format that isn’t the most used musical format. Just another reason for artists to release things in their own ways. The music business is just plain ridiculous. So what if the days of billion dollar musicians is going away. How many of those musicians squandered that money in excess? How many of those artists who made the big bucks never really got to see a dime, or worse ended up owing money to their record company? I’m 100% behind artists reaching out to their fans and saying, I like making music and if you like the music I’m making then here are ways to support me. I’m sure that the fans will. As an Amanda Palmer fan, I’ve seen it in action. Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” is proof positive. Screw the current music industry and these stupid m4p’s.

Song 764- “Reckoner” by Radiohead

Tomorrow, the year end review begins.


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