21 Dec

It’s year end time and that means it’s time for the 10kdays 2008 Highlight Reel. The year started off with a look at women in music from A to Z and there were a ton of really good choices. I was able to post about the Vincent Black Shadow, Freezepop, The Hell Yeahs, Made Out of Babies, Amanda Palmer, Pretty Girls Make Graves and a bunch of others. I even got to mention my own band, x-Tokyo-River-God. That ran the gamut of January and then in February, I looked at the work of video directors Darren Doane and Paul Fedor and then started talking about sex. No not in that Salt ‘n’ Pepa way. I talked about using sex in videos like Bjork’s “Pagan Poetry”. Then I talked a little about the TV Writer’s Strike that ended. That was followed by a tribute to post metal. That was an interesting 5 day theme. March came around and I looked at Rock & Roll cliches. That was one of my favorite themes of 2008. I talked about bassist girls, fired drummers, lead singers with ego problems, third single ballads and musical progeny. That was followed by a look at the 2008 FAWM including a mention of the Zinkline album. I also hit #500 during March. Then I jumped back into my beloved J-rock, mentioning some Orange Range, Mucc and others; before moving to Cover Crazy, a theme all about covers. In April, I wrote about some of the music I call “essentials” like Aerosmith and Concrete Blonde. I then moved on to a study of band names, looking at the roots of names like Of Montreal, Bush and KMFDM. I did a 5 day look at rock from around the globe then did a 5 day look at Mashups. And then I finished off the first quarter of the year with a simple look at new additions to my jukebox, where I talked about bands I had just started getting into, like Die So Fluid, MGMT and the Agonist (pictured below).


Song 765- “Rise and Fall” by the Agonist
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs4KQlPT64M (live version)


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