23 Dec

And now the final quarter of the year, as the 10kdays Highlight Reel winds down. September began with a look at the TV season. Not my favorite theme but it included Kansas and a pic of Emilie de Ravin! Then I did some long songs but only for a short time. Then I did a theme where I just rocked out. That was good for the soul as I posted some Norma Jean, Action Camp and Deadsy, among others. The next theme was the VMAs (Go Russell Brand!). Then came another interesting theme all about exes appearing in music videos. Dita Von Teese and Stephanie Seymour were just two of the exes who made appearances. I followed up with a look at the work of music video directors, The Malloys. That theme included a moment I never thought would happen as I posted a Jack Johnson song in my blog. But I had to cut the Malloys thread short due to lack of material that I hadn’t already talked about in previous posts and moved on to a director I like even more, Dean Karr. Then came a look at band break-ups. It started with the ugly end(?) of the Dresden Dolls and moved on to the vicious ways that Talking Heads, The Sex Pistols, N.W.A. and the Doors. I did another theme about cover songs. And by mid October, I was doing a theme on current events. Yet somehow, I snuck some Cryoshell in that theme. Then I did one of my absolute favorite themes of the year as I started digging around in my old cassette collection and found gems like They Eat Their Own and Ruby. November started up with a theme all about the election which include the BPA. Then I started looking at animated music videos again but this time I focused on videos with puppets. That had some interesting results like Kanye West & Sifl & Olly. Howard Greenhalgh videos were the next up, followed by a look at comic books & music. Then I saw Amanda Palmer live and I couldn’t stop talking about the wonders of the show or it’s 3 opening bands. Then came books & music followed by myth and music. The former was an okay theme that made me look at Rob Zombie and RATM in a new light. The latter was no fun. Then came a thread about the relationship between music and image. And then a quick look at some alternative musical release methods and then the 2008 highlight reel…

Hey look I’ve gone full circle. It was another good year at 10kdays. And here’s another Dean Karr video. There’s nothing like the image of Willie Nelson digging his own grave while singing a Dave Matthews song.
Song 767- “Gravedigger” by Willie Nelson

Here’s an extra- the original version of Gravedigger, which is an incredible song from Dave Matthews’ solo album “Some Devil”.


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