29 Dec

Another band that made quite an impact this year for me was Cobra Starship. And yet, it seems that I have never made a mention of them in 10kdays! Cobra Starship is a band that I got into because of the song “Snakes on a Plane”. I loved the concept of Snakes on a Plane and never ended up seeing the movie. But I did play the hell out of the theme song. Well, the original Cobra Starship was basically just Gabe Saporta (the bassist of a band called Midtown). But it evolved into a full band and they put out the album “While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets”. That album didn’t do a lot to peak my interests. But then they came out with a second album with a catchy single called “This City is at War”, which had a brilliant music video. I felt i needed to get the album “Viva La Cobra”. And then I did a very interesting experiment. I refused to listen to it all the way through. Instead I parceled it out myself throughout the year. It was like I had a set of singles and I was releasing them on my own personal radio station. It worked and it kept the Cobra Starship product fresh throughout the year and now I listen to the whole album through with a deeper love for each song on its own, while getting into them as a whole.

Song 773- “Kiss My Sass” by Cobra Starship


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