2 Jan

It’s time for the first theme of 2009 and lately I have been spending a lot of time playing Rock Band 2. It’s an excellent game and in my eyes, it’s the best music-based video game around. But it’s certainly not the first one that I’ve ever played. My video game library has been filled with a bunch of these games and I think that’s what this theme will be about: Music Video Games. One of the first Rhythm video games was the Sony game Parappa The Rappa. Created by Masaya Matsuura (of the J-pop band Psy-S) and his company NanaOn-Sha, it’s a wonderful wacky game about a rapping dog with love issues who tries to impress a girl through martial arts and then learns to be himself. “I’ve Gotta Believe!”. The game featured a quirky art style with 2-D characters existing in 3-D backgrounds. But the biggest part was the music. Now, I like the original game but the game that I really loved was the sequel, Parappa The Rappa 2. It was an insane tale of Parappa that is too non-sensical for me to try to logically explain. Let me just say that it involved a man turning people into noodles. But it was a very fun game that also included a cameo from De La Soul! The classic rap group appeared to sing a version of the game’s theme song. They would also release the song as a single with the help of Double, a J-R&B artist. (Is that an actual term?) It even got a music video featuring De La Soul in 2-D.


Song 776- “Say “I Gotta Believe!”” by De La Soul f/ Double

Here’s an extra:
“Parachute Limit” by Psy-S


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