4 Jan

Harmonix’s Frequency and its sequel, Amplitude was big on the electronica. Sure there was a lot of great rock on those two games but with lineups that included BT, DJ Q-Bert, Roni Size, Freezepop, Meat Beat Manifesto, Orbital, Paul Oakenfold & The Crystal Method, it certainly had some great examples of the genre. It was a very far cry from the next big Harmonix rhythm game series- Karaoke Revolution. Gameplay was very simple. You had a microphone that you plugged into your game system. And you sang along to songs. So where’s the game, you ask? The game would register the notes you were hitting. Ever sing on Rock Band? Then you’ve got the entire gist. Harmonix grabbed the whole Karaoke Revolution concept and added it to Guitar Hero to create Rock Band. The musical line-up for the KR Series was very pop-laden, especially the American Idol versions. There was even a CMT version. I wouldn’t touch the AI versions with a ten foot pole and KR taught me that I can’t sing country when I tried my luck at “Friends in Low Places”. But I do own a couple of these games and they are fun. As a guitarist, the Rock Band/ Guitar Hero stuff appeals to me more, especially since they bring the rock. That being said, there were one or two songs on KR that I did find myself having fun singing. It is karaoke after all. And there’s nothing like the oddity of a large 6’3″ Latino male belting out…

Song 778- “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne

Here’s some gameplay, featuring the greatest bastard of trying to play this game…trying to hit the high notes on “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”.


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