6 Jan

It’s the final day of my look at rhythm games and it’s time to look at the game that inspired this thread- Rock Band 2. How does the game work? You take the FreQuency concept of falling note streams then add in the Guitar Hero idea of the instrument-shaped controller then add in the singing of Karaoke Revolution and make it full song playing with a drum controller as well and you have Rock Band. It is an amazing experience. As a musician, I love being able to play with other musicians. There is something to the feeling of creating a piece of music with others. Rock Band channels that feeling without really having to learn an instrument, which is a wonderful way to give that feeling to my non-musician friends. I get such joy out of watching my wife play “drums” while I play “guitar” and our housemate sings. (I had to show some serious restraint from putting quotes around sing. :P) And I can’t forget the musical library. The library is one of the best around in rhythm games and with all the downloadable content, there is over 500 songs to play and try to master. That makes for a game with super high replay value.

Song 780- “I.V.” by X-Japan

A note about I.V.:
I.V. is just about my favorite song in RB2. It’s by one of Japan’s greatest metal bands. They were pioneers of J-Rock in the 80’s and their influence is all over the musical landscape. The band broke up at the end of 1997. Hopes of the band reuniting were dashed when guitarist hide committed suicide. It was a devastating loss of a very promising musician. It took a decade but the band did get back together and “I.V.” was their big comeback release. It features a previously unused hide guitar track.


Here is the song in the game:


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