9 Jan

I recently did one of those psychological profiles of my blog and what did it reveal. It revealed that it was focused on sound and hardness. I quickly realized that it was because of my love of hard rock music. And I think in honor of that profile, I think the next 5 days are going to rock in a big way. But doing just plain old rock wouldn’t be enough. A good theme needs some sort of angle. I think I’m going to mix two older themes into one. I’ve done women who rock and I’ve done world rock. But now I’m going to do World Rock Women!

I’m going to start off this theme with some symphonic metal. That’s always been an odd term for me, but it definitely does seem to encompass a certain sound and group of bands. It tends to refer to bands that use classical elements in their metal songs, like strings or women who have very operatic voices. Symphonic metal is a big thing in Europe. In the USA, there are a small amount of bands who do it, such as Rain Fell Within and Saviour Machine but Europe really has the market pegged. (Hmmm, having a moment of musical inspiration. I’ll have to get back to that.)

One such band is Germany’s Xandria. Up until recently, the band was fronted was Lisa Middelhauve, who fits the symphonic metal vocal requirements. They also use strings and keyboards to bring it all together and the result is exactly what you would expect out of the genre. If you’ve never heard symphonic metal (and I’m betting you have and you may not have heard the term), here’s a prime example.

Song 783- “Save My Life” by Xandria


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