13 Jan

One of the most difficult parts of today’s post will be the deciphering. See, it’s still a part of my World Rock Women theme and I’m seeking out a new J-Rock band to write about. But here’s the thing about some J-Rock, they often dress in the visual kei style and that means that a lot of the men look like women. Pigtails, skirts, stockings, nothing is off limits in achieving the look. So while in my research I’ve stumbled upon bands like LM.C and An Cafe that look like girls, I found that there aren’t girls there. But instead of finding a new band to write about, I stumbled across the news that Tommy Heavenly6 is back. Yet another issue I have with the musical culture gap is that you have to dig for the news. Last I had heard Tomoko Kawase was working on the new Brilliant Green album. But now I see that she has a new album coming out and has a new single out. Remember my J-Rock rule, an easy way to find good J-rock is to look to the animes. The new single is the theme to Soul Eater. Add in Tommy Heavenly’s usual quirkiness (the music video is Wizard of Oz themed) and rock style and you’ve got me listening.

Tommy Heavenly6

Song 787- “Papermoon” by Tommy Heavenly6


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