16 Jan

Today I was going to start a new theme all about different musical genres but the fact of the matter is that I don’t know where to begin. There are way too many musical genres, so I don’t know which ones I would center on. So instead, while I figure out just the right way to go with this theme, a quick anecdote.

Ever google yourself? As a musician, I google myself every once in a while just to see if my music is getting around. If you type in Niveous in google, there I am as well as this blog. Popping Niveous into google images is always good for a chuckle. Yes, that’s me with the kazoo. Well, today I was looking up some of the music that I’ve been a part of. I googled my experimental musical collective x-tokyo-river-god and found some stuff into a blog post by another song-a-day blogger. The blooger blogs anonymously but seems to dig SF. It was cool to find that post about a song I wrote. I usually just found links to my website or songfight or links through odd foreign spider sites. But then I looked up a song I wrote for the band Merisan and was shocked to find a link to vimeo. I had heard from the band that they had played the song at a New Years house party. But no one told me there was a video. I have never just sat back and watched someone play a song I wrote. I almost started crying, I was so touched to see that and they even name checked me at the beginning. Thanks Merisan (and Glennny who put it up). It was an amazing surprise.

Song 790- “A Problem of Perspective” by Merisan


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