18 Jan

I feel like I just found a goldmine. So I’m doing the theme- “Ahead of their time” and what do I find? An album called “Grlz: Women ahead of their time”. Oh boy. Now, I will refrain from commenting on the horrid spelling choice and take a look at this compilation which is all about music who were a part of the post-punk scene in the 80’s. It starts off with Maximum Joy doing the song “Stretch”. Were they ahead of their time? They are definitely a product of the time as they still have some disco leanings. This song could’ve been done by Blondie. Then again, it could’ve been done by the Ting Tings. That being said, I’ll say that Maximum Joy’s claim to being ahead of their time is debatable.

There are bands that are on the album that clearly weren’t ahead of their time. I know that part of the claim is that they are ahead of the time because they have women in their bands. Ummm, it’s the early 80’s. Rock bands with women were already breaking through by then. By 1980, the aforementioned Blondie had already had a lot of hits, the Runaways had already broken up and Girlschool had already hit the scene. There has to be something more if they are going to be called ahead of their time. Bands like Delta 5, The Slits and Anna Domino (who appear on the album) were all products of their time period. Ludus, who is on the album with the song “Breaking the Rules” may get the nod but not because they were led by a woman but that they were openly gay. Still it’s a tough call. And then there’s Bow Wow Wow. We won’t talk about that one.

One band that’s on that album that may truly have been ahead of their time is Rip Rig and Panic. They were a band that included Neneh Cherry (remember “Buffalo Stance”?). They mixed rock, post-punk, jazz and dub into an experiment mix. Sure, some songs of theirs were sounds of their time (like the one they did on “The Young Ones”) but others were truly ahead of their time… (Sure they weren’t like decades ahead but they weren’t 1982)

Rip Rig & Panic

Song 792- “Storm the Reality Asylum” by Rip Rig & Panic


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