19 Jan

In doing this theme about bands that are “ahead of their time”, I knew that I’d find article after article about no-name bands who never made it. What I never expected to find was an article about the band Powerman 5000. But come to think of it, they might be right.

Powerman 5000 is a nu-metal band that is probably known best for the 1999 song “When World’s Collide”. ’99 was the year where Limp Bizkit released Significant Other and the next year Linkin Park released their debut album, so they fit right in with the scene. It wasn’t the most world shaking song of the time either. They had the aggro singer in Spider One, they had the crunchy guitars, they had the rap mixed in. If I didn’t know the song and someone brought it to me and said it was an old Mindless Self Indulgence song, I might be convinced. So what makes them “ahead of their time”? Their first release was in 1994. They were doing the nu metal thing way before it was all over the musical landscape. In fact, they even appeared on 90210 in 1996. I think I have to give them their due. They were slightly ahead of their time. The times caught up and surpassed them but for a brief moment, they were in the forefront. They were nu metal before it was new.

Song 793- “When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000


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