22 Jan

I thought it was hilarious today at work when one of my co-workers talked about a band being ahead of their time. I don’t even recall what band he was referring to because the fact is the phrase “ahead of their time” is a ludicrous one.

Okay, I have a funny story. This is the part where I was going to write about a band that I personally find ahead of their time. My initial inspiration was the band the Hooters. I had heard this song called “Cops & Robbers” and said to myself, “That’s amazing. The Hooters sound like they could’ve been a member of today’s rock scene. They’d fit in with the Panic at the Discos and Kaiser Chiefs of the world. So ahead of their time.” And then I did some research…and learned it was done by the Hoosiers, not the Hooters. The song was released in 2008. Oops.

So, I am going to digress. I don’t believe in the term. Bands aren’t ahead of their time. They are a product of what came before them. Few bands, if any, ever just create something that is an original entity. So what do I write about? With all this time talk, how about…

Song 795- “Girl Anachronism” by the Dresden Dolls


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