25 Jan

Back at #472, I spoke about the video for the Sun’s “Romantic Death” and how it was all about the website Beautiful Agony. For those who didn’t see the previous post or have never seen the website, allow me to explain what Beautiful Agony is. The website is porn without the naked bits. It’s videos of people masturbating but all you can see is their face and shoulders. If you’re wondering, where’s the excitement in that? You’re missing out. Suddenly, all the focus is on the reactions that go along with the orgasm. Traditional porn is all about the bits and pieces (and often about how much of a mess they make). This is all about the breathing, lip biting, moaning and all other parts of what makes the moment. Enough selling the website…what does that have to do with Pitchfork Top 40 videos of 2008? Whereas the Sun took actual clips from Beautiful Agony and strung them together for their “Romantic Death” music video. The group Thunderheist takes elements of it for their video, “Jerk It”. Directed by that.go. It’s sexy without a drop of clothes taken off (But then it gets a little odd but that’s okay). Musically, it’s interesting too. Thunderheist basically sounds like a threesome between Missy Elliott, Tricky & Santogold.

Song 798- “Jerk It” by Thunderheist

(look ma, a Vimeo link. It’s clearer.)


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