30 Jan

Can you guess the connection between the songs in posts 801, 802, 803 and 804? (This theme inspired by my favorite podcast- Podquiz!)

I am big on the lyrics. I’ve been a songwriter for quite a long time and when I listen to songs, many times it’s the lyrics that will keep me hanging on. Take for instance, my odd recent love for the song “Still Alive” by GlaDOS. Musically, it’s not much. Lyrically, it completely engaging. And the genre that I focus on the lyrics on most with is, of course, rap. When you’ve got just a sample running, you had better have some great lyrical content if you wanna keep me around. Some rappers do a better job of it than others. Rappers like Guru and Eminem have pulled me into songs by weaving great lyrics, while rappers like Kanye have lost me thanks to their crap lyrics (I’d do anything for a blond dyke?!). Everlast isn’t the greatest rapper of all time but his work with House of Pain often had moments of greatness. My favorite of them being the song “Fed Up”. Surprised that it’s not “Jump Around”? While I will always have fond memories of being one of the first kids in my neighborhood to play the song (including me & my friends blaring it at a party and jumping around to confused stares from the uninitiated), “Fed Up” has the lyrical strength that keeps me coming back.

Song 803- “Fed Up” by House of Pain


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