31 Jan

Gosh, it’s getting late. Okay, here’s the 4th and final song. Can you find the underlying theme to posts 801-804? Here’s a hint. The answer will be Song #805.

I am a big fan of Aerosmith but as of late, Aerosmith albums having been hitting the right chord. It’s really cool that they did GH: Aerosmith and one can hope that it’s the beginning of a new turn for the band. Albums like Honkin’ On Bobo did not endear me to continue to listen to the band. In the past, Aerosmith has been able to stay relevant. They have their own music style but it always seem to fit. Bobo, their blues album, stuck out like a sore thumb. Bobo came out in 2004, meaning that the last time that Aerosmith had a new song that really hit with me was back in 2001! It’s a sad thought. They were a band that I cut class and stood out in the cold to meet in person. Please, put out some good new stuff. Please. Here’s the last song of theirs that I cared about (and yes I know there was “Girls of Summer” and “Devils Got a New Disguise”. Trust me, I didn’t forget):

Song 804- “Sunshine” by Aerosmith


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