1 Feb

It’s the final day of the Inspired by Podquiz theme and were you able to figure out the connection between the four songs?

There was “Joy Scissors” by Pumpkin Buzzard, “So. Central Rain” by R.E.M., “Fed Up” by House of Pain, and “Sunshine” by Aerosmith. JoyScissors, So. Central Rain, House of Pain, and Sunshine. Joy, Pain, Sunshine, Rain.

The connection is a classic rap song that has been a party theme since 1988. It sampled a song of the same name by Maze & Frankie Beverly and if you guessed that song, I’d give you the points. It’s a song that has appeared in the show Scrubs and if you ever went to a house party in the late 80′ that played rap, you had to have heard it. The connection…

Song 805- “Joy & Pain” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

Hope you enjoyed this theme and remember to check out the website that inspired it: http://www.podquiz.com

And here’s an extra. The original Maze & Frankie Beverly “Joy & Pain”


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