3 Feb

If I’m going to look at music videos by Songfighters, it would make sense to look at the most successful Songfighters. The most successful you are to the mainstream, the more likely you are to have made a music video. Music videos are advertising and advertising is business and so is music. Successful artist and music video usually go hand in hand. Who is the most successful Songfighter. There could be a small debate over this and I’m not even going to go there (especially since I have an answer that no one else would have…). But I can say that MC Frontalot is definitely the most noteworthy Songfighter. Every night I watch G4’s Attack of the Show, I hear his music. Every time I play Rock Band 2, there’s one of his songs. So it only makes sense that if I look at YouTube, I would find a Frontalot music video. Granted, it’s not one of his SF songs, but he’s a part of SF’s history.

Song 807- “Bizarro Genius Baby” by MC Frontalot


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