5 Feb

Songfight doesn’t have many music videos. One of the reasons is that music videos often cost a good chunk of change. I bet it wasn’t easy to do all that animation for the MC Frontalot video. Songfighters are the type to go for the fast and cheap instant gratification. Part of doing a Songfight is making a song in a short amount of time. Music videos take time and many Songfighters don’t put in the time for a video. But occasionally one SF’er does the grunt work and makes a video. And then there’s the special occasions where they do the video work for someone else’s song. For instance, SF’er Project-D did a great cover of Brandi Carlile’s Turpentine (see post #782). Fellow SF’er Dre decided that the song needed a music video and made one. The result is a simple thing of beauty much like the song.

Song 809- “Turpentine” by Project-D


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