8 Feb

This is day two of my look at Side Projects, where I look at the strange situations where band members take some time off from their regular gig and create a second band. Sometimes, like in the case of Tool and APC, it’s a welcome change of pace that allows the musician to extend their musical creativity. But are all side projects that way?

One side project that I’m not sold on is Dave Grohl’s Probot. Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana and then went on to be the front man for his own band Foo Fighters. I guess he still had the itch to drum so he needed an outlet. He played drums on the Queens of the Stone Age album, Songs for the Deaf and on Killing Joke’s 2nd S/T album, but it must not have been enough. Dave Grohl ventured into the land of side projects and created a metal album under the name Probot. It goes to a completely different place from anything Foo Fighters or Nirvana ever did.

But is was the trip really worth it?

I’m undecided. Sure, it allowed Dave Grohl to flex his musical muscle but frankly, it’s a pretty bland metal album. He got a nifty list of all-stars including Lemmy, Cronos, Max Cavalera and King Diamond. But the result is uninspired. Take for instance, the lead off single. It’s Dave Grohl + Lemmy with lyrics in the vein of AC/DC. It’s decent but it doesn’t blow me away. Could Dave Grohl have better spent the time by trying to put more rock into the Foo’s stuff? The world will never know. Oh well, at least the video is filled with scantilly clad Suicide Girls.

Song 812- “Shake Your Blood” by Probot


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