9 Feb

Today’s look at Side Projects and are they worth it is a very very easy one in my opinion. The band I’m looking at today is the Raconteurs. The Raconteurs is the side project of Jack White of the White Stripes.

Is this trip worth it? Hell yeah.

Meg White is one hell of a cutie but she isn’t the great of a drummer. Her drum style is very minimalistic at best. Jack White really carries the band. The Raconteurs is a different experience. He is one of four and they all can carry their own weight within the band. Brendan Benson has just as much frontman charisma and ability as White. And don’t get me started (again) on the difference between Meg White and Patrick Keller’s drum skills. As a musician, it much be very freeing to be able to contribute without having to carry. It definitely makes a difference. So I am all for the Raconteurs. Do your thing, Mr. White!

Song 813- “Level” by the Raconteurs


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