28 Feb

The new theme is inspired by something I brought up in the old theme. This theme is called musical WTF’s where I am going to look at five things in music that make my head hurt as I wonder What the Fuck. It was inspired by yesterday’s stream of conscious where I mentioned the band Tinted Windows.

Tinted Windows, WTF??

Tinted Windows is a supergroup. How this motley crew of 4 came together beats the hell out of me. First you have the amazing James Iha. He’s best known for his work in Smashing Pumpkins as well as a stint in A Perfect Circle. Then you’ve got Adam Schlesinger who is the bassist of Fountains of Wayne. He is also an Academy Award and Tony Award nominated songwriter. I especially like his work on the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack. Then there’s drummer Bun E. Carlos from the band that started me down the road to being a musician, Cheap Trick. The first sheet music that I ever bought was Cheap Trick’s Lap of Luxury. So, this all sounds like it would be a band that I would be into. I’m a long time fan of Iha and Carlos and I like Schlesinger’s songwriting and production work. The WTF comes when you look at the lead singer, Taylor Hanson. Hanson is the leader singer of the band of the same name, who are best known for the song “MMM Bop”. Now, I had to give them the benefit of the doubt because 1) I like the rest of the band and 2) Taylor Hanson is 25 years old now. This isn’t the same girlie-looking little boy that he was in 1997. But then I heard the first song “Kind of a Girl” and it’s pop drivel. Don’t get me wrong. I listen to pop music. I was raised on Casey’s Top 40 and it’ll always be a facet of my listening in some way shape or form. But “Kind of a Girl” is way too poppy. It’s got no depth. Even Hanson (the band) has created deeper stuff than this. This is…this is…WTF?!?

So here’s some Cheap Trick instead.

Song 831- “Ghost Town” by Cheap Trick


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