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31 Mar

We have reached the 4th Millennium BC and that’s went stuff really starts happening that changes human development. This is much more than just beer brewing. This is the point where I can start to slow it down and stop looking at things a millennium at a time. 40th Century BC would see the rise of Mesopotamia, Korea, Egypt and Japan. Four of the world’s biggest societies were being formed at the same time. Countries were forming. Knowledge was being shared. New things like potter’s wheels were being invented. After writing about ice age after ice age, this is a very positive upswing. One great evolution that came at this time was the domestication of the horse. Just like the wheel yesterday, the domestication of the horse helped increase mobility and the way people worked. So in honor of that, here’s Patti Smith.

Song 859- “Horses” by Patti Smith

This is a relatively new song for me. I knew the music of Patti Smith. I absolutely adore “Summer Cannibals” and I knew all about “Because the Night” and her work on “Ebow the Letter” but there was still a gap in my Patti Smith knowledge. It was recently filled when watching the great BBC documentary series, Seven Ages of Rock. It gave me the much needed perspective on her career. Now I’m slowing digging into her catalog and seeing what I can find. It’s been quite enjoyable.



30 Mar

It’s the 5th Millennium and there are two big things to talk about: The Wheel & Beer brewing!!! The 5th Millennium is awesome. The wheel is a huge deal and there’s no question that it deserves a post dedicated to it. It’s an easy call.

Song 858- “Heart Like A Wheel” by Human League

This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I was so happy to find it on YouTube today. For the longest time, I didn’t give a chance to the Human League because of “Human”. I have always been a fan of new wave but that song was too much of a wimpy ballad to fit my taste (back then). Then I heard “Heart Like A Wheel” with its political jabs and catchy harmony-filled chorus and it won me over. I gave Human League another chance and learned about songs like “The Black Hit of Space” and it opened my eyes.


29 Mar

If I hadn’t talking about the Raconteurs before in 10kdays, this post about the 7th Millennium would be a perfect time for “Steady as She Goes”. All around the world, the 5 million humans have begun to settle in to different places and agriculture and animal domestication is advancing in leaps and bounds. Then came the 6th Millenium. This begins the copper age. Plus, you have the creation of ploughs. China starts making their pictographs and in Persia, they start making wine. Suddenly the world has gone from a steady course to charging headlong into a world of invention.

Then there is all this talk about a flood. No, no, not the big Noah flood. There are some who believe that the Black Sea flooded during the 6th Millennium. Here’s the concept of Black Sea Deluge theory in a nutshell. Since the end of the ice age, the sea levels went on a rise. Eventually, the sea water rises to the point where it starts to spill into the Black Sea basin. The basin overflows and there is a flood and that forces more people to migrate around the world. This idea is highly disputed. But great floods, even disputed ones, are worth a mention. Most mythology and religion has a flood story. I think that a 10kdays look at history would be remiss without a flood post.

Now, the easiest choice of Flood song would be that one by Jars of Clay but that’s all about the Noah flood. Instead, I’m going to go for a song produced by Flood. Flood (aka Mark Ellis) is one of music’s greatest contemporary producers, having worked with Depeche Mode, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Goldfrapp, and The Killers, among countless others. He produced one of my favorite Depeche Mode albums, “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and here is my favorite from that album:

Song 857- “Condemnation” by Depeche Mode

Dave Gahan’s delivery in this song is amazing.


28 Mar

We have reached the 9th Millennium BC in the 10kdays trip throughout history and I have to be honest with you, I’m a little disappointed with the world. A thousand years and there’s not a lot going on. Well, not in comparison to the previous few years. These are the years where people stay the course. Neolithic culture raises and there are more tools being built, more art being made and animals are being domesticated. People also moved around more. In this time, the first Americans arrived. And the best part is that there are no catastrophe extinction type events.

Fast forward to the 8th Millennium and the big chill is finally all over and humanity is running wild. We are 5 million strong! And there is some dispute this but some do believe that the first real country is formed in this time, predating China. But basically this was a time where people settled and agriculture rose. Good times. Not the most interesting ones to write about in a post on a music blog but hey, it’s a world history theme. There is bound to be something crazy coming down the pipeline and with the creation of a country looming on the horizon, I’m pretty sure that crazy things will happen.

During these years, they domesticated the chili pepper, so here’s some RHCP.

Song 856- “Soul to Squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers*

*See Glenn, I told you I would.


27 Mar

World history is moving along and humans did the smart thing of finding the ice-less places in the ice age and those who survived began making some big advances. Humans are building campsites and using stone tools. And now there’s art and early agriculture. They are making fields of millet and rice. There is pottery and cultures are beginning to rise. We have reached the 10th Millennium BC. Mesopotamia is on the rise, languages are being built and we are finally done with the ice ages. It’s almost overwhelming looking at the wealth of things that happened at that time in the world. No wonder they made that 10,000 BC movie. I joke. But seriously, it is an amazing time for the world. One big part was the rise of the city of Jericho. So here’s a song by the band Walls of Jericho.

Song 855- “And Hope To Die” by Walls of Jericho


26 Mar

When we last left World History, everyone died again! These ice ages have really put a cramp in the world’s style but finally life catches a break and the world reaches a point where life has a chance to flourish. So we reached the Pleistocene and we have a mammal boom. We’ve got Mammoths, Sabertooth cats, whales, bears and Neanderthals! Yes, it’s the beginning of humans. Too bad, it can’t last. Life hits another set back. Is it the fault of another ice age or did the neanderthals over hunt? No one is sure, but either which of way, life was left with a massive amount of extinctions. Sigh. But we are at least getting somewhere, enough lives survived to make more things happen. Those things are for another day. Tonight, how about some Mastodon (the life of the mastodons came & went in the span of this post).

Song 854- “Capillarian Crest” by Mastodon


25 Mar

When we last left off, the “Great Dying” knocked off a large chunk of life on Earth. It was a set back but we persevere and that little group of survivor go on to re-inhabit the world. Who says that one person can’t make a difference? And what kind of animals do we get? Dinosaurs! And as you know, again this will not go well. There is a large belief that an asteroid hit the Earth causing the KT Event and half the world is dead AGAIN. But at least we got some lizards and birds and insects and some early mammals out of the deal and that was enough for life to go on. I would be remiss if I didn’t do a song dedicated to the time of the dinosaurs. My first instinct is a song from Dino, but take a look at this. What the hell was that?! I think I’ll go another route.

Song 853- “Going Home” by Dinosaur Jr.