9 Mar

I have an unnatural obsession with the movie Swimfan. I don’t know why I enjoy this whacked out movie about a teenage stalker so much, but I do. Maybe it’s all the punishment that gets doled out to Shiri Appleby. Just kidding, I’m a Roswell fan so I have no animosity toward her, but she does catch hell in this flick.

Does music play a huge role in this film? There isn’t a song that stands out with me BUT Swimfan had a killer soundtrack. It seems like a bit of a disconnect but who cares when you end up with good music in the world? It’s got appearances by a lot of bands with one word names: Saliva, Pacifier, Portable, Allergic, Llama, Ash…. Many of the songs are pretty good. You’ve got the aforementioned Ash with a song from back in the Nu-Clear Sounds day, full of experimentation and Charlotte Hatherley. There’s Sevendust with their anthem “Black”. Default does the song “Deny”. It’s a pretty solid rock album. Half the songs from the soundtrack actually appear in the flick but none of them make an impact but they do make an impact as an album. Like I said before, does it really matter if there’s a disconnect if good music comes in the end? Here’s my favorite song from the soundtrack:

Song 840- “Whole” by Flaw

Hey look it’s a Dean Karr music video. Always a good thing.


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