15 Mar

The last two days I’ve been off gallivanting with friends, which had led me to learn how to do 10kdays on my cell phone. So hopefully there will be a few less missed days. But now I’m back and the food and music theme is in full swing (and I have a great idea for the next theme, I guess a little time off can be very refreshing).

Every once in a while, I think that I’ve written about a song before and then I do a google search and learn that I haven’t. Back in post 671, I wrote about the song “I Will Survive” and the great cover of it done by Action Camp. Surprisingly I haven’t posted the even-better cover as done by Cake. I will admit that John McCrea’s delivery leaves something to be desired. It’s okay at best, but he is only one part of a whole and CAKE as a whole is a phenomenal band. So what makes the Cake cover better than the Action Camp version and better than the original? Greg Brown’s guitar work coupled with Vince DiFiore’s awesome trumpet. Sure, he curses where the original doesn’t, but who cares? Well, Gloria Gaynor seemingly does but I don’t. It’s just done in such a phenomenal way. The Gaynor/Action Camp versions are full of passion. This is aloofness. This is attitude. This is I will fucking survive, beyotch.

Song 844- “I Will Survive” by CAKE


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