18 Mar

It’s the final day of my food theme. I started off with “Apple Pie” then went to Cake, Black Grape, Peaches and now I’m finishing off with “Apple Pie” again. The first time was a song by the Bastard Fairies. Today’s is a song by a band called White Trash. They were a funk/metal band that made their name in the early 90’s. They hit the scene in 1991 with the aforementioned song and got some MTV airplay. They stood out thanks to their full horn section. It was as if Ugly Kid Joe stopped joking around and got funky like the Infectious Grooves + horns. They were an anomaly and they might have really gone places, if it weren’t for the fact they got on the scene in 1991. Nirvana’s “Nevermind” came out soon after. The results obliterated the chances of many metal bands for success and White Trash was just another victim. They soon fell apart and broke up. They have recently gotten back together, so who knows what will become of the band. I don’t know but it sure has produced a nifty new logo:

White Trash logo

Now let’s get funky.

Song 847- “Apple Pie” by White Trash

Tomorrow, a new theme for 10kdays and this one is gonna be around for a while. Tomorrow begins the History of the World, 10kdays style. What does that mean? You’ll find out starting tomorrow.


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