21 Mar

World History 10kdays style marches on. So yesterday, there was the first star and stars led to galaxies and 8 billion years into the deal, we finally have the creation of our solar system. Wow. Comparing one life to the 8 billion years that came before it creates a wild perspective. There’s a lot of things that can be talked about when it comes to the creation of our solar system but I’m going to do another fast forward. So, the Earth has existed for about 4 billion years or so and soon after the Moon is created and that crazy mix of gravity and all the right stuff creates life on the Earth. The first life is just simple cell structures. It’s nothing really special but after billions of years of nothing, it’s extremely significant. So I think that deserves a song. So what kind of song is fitting for the first life on Earth?

Song 850- “Life Begins Again” by The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex

Yes, that Jimmy Chamberlin. He didn’t just stand around twiddling his thumbs waiting for Billy Corgan to restart the Smashing Pumpkins. During that time, one of the projects he did was The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex which produced the excellent album “Life Begins Again” and leaves you wondering, what would’ve happened if Billy Corgan would’ve just left well enough alone?


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