22 Mar

So where we last left off in this jaunt through history, we achieved life! Yes, sure they were just some cells, but it was life. Too bad that the air was full of toxins and a lot of the early life on earth died. Then came the wonders of photosynthesis and we got some more survivors. Hooray for survival. Over another billion years of so, the cells started becoming more complex. One would think this is where life would catch a break. Nope. About 770 MYA, some scientists believe that there was an ice age. This is a controversial subject as some people don’t believe that there could’ve ever been a “Snowball Earth” and seeing as I know nothing on the subject, I’m not going to touch it with a ten foot pole. If you are a reading of this blog and have more than a wikis worth of knowledge on the subject of the Snowball Earth, drop me a comment because I would love to know some more about it. Fast forward to around 580-600 MYA and finally, we have animals! Now we’re getting somewhere, literally. A song for the animals…

Song 851- “Animal (Fuck like a Beast)” by W.A.S.P.


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