27 Mar

World history is moving along and humans did the smart thing of finding the ice-less places in the ice age and those who survived began making some big advances. Humans are building campsites and using stone tools. And now there’s art and early agriculture. They are making fields of millet and rice. There is pottery and cultures are beginning to rise. We have reached the 10th Millennium BC. Mesopotamia is on the rise, languages are being built and we are finally done with the ice ages. It’s almost overwhelming looking at the wealth of things that happened at that time in the world. No wonder they made that 10,000 BC movie. I joke. But seriously, it is an amazing time for the world. One big part was the rise of the city of Jericho. So here’s a song by the band Walls of Jericho.

Song 855- “And Hope To Die” by Walls of Jericho


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