31 Mar

We have reached the 4th Millennium BC and that’s went stuff really starts happening that changes human development. This is much more than just beer brewing. This is the point where I can start to slow it down and stop looking at things a millennium at a time. 40th Century BC would see the rise of Mesopotamia, Korea, Egypt and Japan. Four of the world’s biggest societies were being formed at the same time. Countries were forming. Knowledge was being shared. New things like potter’s wheels were being invented. After writing about ice age after ice age, this is a very positive upswing. One great evolution that came at this time was the domestication of the horse. Just like the wheel yesterday, the domestication of the horse helped increase mobility and the way people worked. So in honor of that, here’s Patti Smith.

Song 859- “Horses” by Patti Smith

This is a relatively new song for me. I knew the music of Patti Smith. I absolutely adore “Summer Cannibals” and I knew all about “Because the Night” and her work on “Ebow the Letter” but there was still a gap in my Patti Smith knowledge. It was recently filled when watching the great BBC documentary series, Seven Ages of Rock. It gave me the much needed perspective on her career. Now I’m slowing digging into her catalog and seeing what I can find. It’s been quite enjoyable.


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