1 Apr

Remember yesterday when I said that I wouldn’t need to do any more big fast forwards. I was wrong because the 40th Century BC may have been full of great advances but the next couple hundred years were stay the course years. In the 39th Century, they built The Sweet Track which is the world’s oldest road. In the 38th Century, the Jewish calendar starts. In the 37th Century…um. Hmm…In the 36th Century BC, We finally reach some more interesting developments. One thing is the building of the Mnajdra solar temple in Malta:

How awesome is that?

Another big development is the first uses of tin.

Song 860- “Packt like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box” by Radiohead

When people think of their favorite Radiohead albums, the usual answer is either “Kid A”, “The Bends” or “OK Computer”. For me, it’s “Amnesiac”. Many take it as the B-side album but really it’s just a bunch of songs that didn’t end up on Kid A but still carried enough merit to get their own album. And with songs like the aforementioned “Packt…”, “Life in a Glasshouse”, “I Might Be Wrong”, “You & Whose Army?” and “Knives Out”, I really believe it deserves to stand with the rest of their work and it someways surpasses it. (Though I must say that the Bends is a very very close second)


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