4 Apr

We have arrived at the 3rd Millennium BC and the best part about getting closer to AD is that we have more available information because as I said in the last post, the world has been writing. In the 30th Century BC, not only do we get the 2nd Pharaoh of (unified) Egypt but we also get the creation of the city of Troy. There is a lot of fiction around Troy and eventually I’ll have to tackle that but not today as Troy is still in its infancy. We also got the city of Caral which is considered the first city of the Americas. This time period also marks the beginning of the Bronze Age. That’s significant, so perhaps I should devote a post to that milemarker. The only thing is….what music can I find having to do with Bronze? There are songs and bands with the word Bronze in their title but I have never heard any of them. But Bronze can also refer to the club in one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I think I’ll play off that. But then again, I have had 2 Buffy weeks at 10kdays, I have tapped most of the good music. Maybe I shouldn’t go with Bronze….

Another big thing of the time is Sacrifices. Kings are on the rise and they say their power comes from the Gods of the time. Anytime you get something like that during history, someone is bound to get sacrificed and in cultures like Egypt & Sumeria, many lives were lost in the name of the Gods. Don’t worry, I’m not going to choose Creed. I hate that song. Here’s a song that my little sister turned me onto, as I would’ve listened to Evanescence otherwise. I listen to Lacuna Coil, why do I need Evanescence? But this song isn’t bad at all.

Song 863- “Sweet Sacrifice” by Evanescence


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