15 Apr

16th Century BC…Now we’re getting somewhere. I know that I’ve said that before but I think this is the point where a lot more information comes in. In fact, there are a couple of interesting facts about this century that I would like to touch upon. I should start off with the most significant one. In this time period, the Phoenicians developed their alphabet. There were previous writing systems but the Phoenician alphabet is really the Grandaddy of them all. You can see parts of the Phoenician alphabet in many of the major alphabets that came after it. For instance, the letter Resh which would spawn both the letters P & R. The Phoenician letter Ayin is without a doubt the starting point for the letter O. It was also very popular for the time, spreading quickly and thusly increasing the flow of communication and information. So this is a real big moment. As a blog writer, I should always praise those types of moments because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be writing a blog, would I? So what song do I choose to commemorate this?

Song 874- “Word Up!” by Gun

A rocked out cover of Cameo. How bad-ass was this song. I don’t recommend the video but I love the song.


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