19 Apr

We have reached the 14th Century and like I’ve said before, more and more information begins to roll in. For instance, who hasn’t heard of King Tut. Well, this was the time of King Tutankhamun. He was the boy who became pharaoh as he took the throne at age 9, yet was able to hold the throne for a decade. He may have been a figurehead, as his advisors pulled his strings, but the story of a child becoming the leader of one of the greatest countries in the world at the time is one that has captured many imaginations. It is easily deserving of a post in my history theme. So what song do I choose? Well, I tried to find a good music video with some tutting but I couldn’t, so here’s something Egypt related.

Song 878- “You Make Me Sick” by Egypt Central

Blame the WWE. They put that song in the most recent game in their Smackdown vs. Raw franchise and it gets stuck in your head REALLY EASILY. I warn you now.


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