21 Apr

We are entering into the classic era of World Civilizations but before we arrive at that point, we have reached a really strange point. There is a lot of information about the time around the 12th & 11th Century but how much can we take as gospel? There are just as many fictional accounts as there are real accounts. Greek mythology is in full bloom. How much of it is based on real incidents? Take for instance, the eclipse. There are myths mentioning a couple of eclipses happening that became the catalyst for events. According to the wonder of wiki, there was an eclipse (solar or lunar, wiki can’t decide) that marked the birth of Hercules. Another eclipse marked the return of Odysseus after the Trojan War. Did they occur and the myths were based around them, who knows? C’mon, the whole Trojan War is full of fiction and I think I will cover that fiction tomorrow. Today, eclipses…

Song 880- “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Hurra Torpedo


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