23 Apr

This is bound to be my most disputed section of the 10kdays look at history as I’m going to take a few days to look at the Trojan War. The biggest problem with the Trojan War is the question- is the Trojan War actually history. There is a lot of fiction on the war and definitely a lot of it is mystical hoo-ha. But it has some back in history. There are characters there that have a basis in history but there is certainly some hyperbole. But I feel that its worth a mention, so here’s the first part of my look at the Trojan war.

The story of the Trojan War all starts off with a wedding. It all started when Eris, the goddess of Discord, wasn’t invited to Peleus’ wedding. She got revenge but throwing one of her golden apples into the wedding, which started a fight between the women of the wedding party over the apple. Zeus made Paris decide who gets it. He took various bribe offers and Aphrodite took him he could have the most beautiful girl in the world. He took the bribe and she got the apple. But when Paris demanded to have the wife of king of Sparta, all hell broke loose.

Song 882- “The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in the World” by Courtney Love

Some important notes:
– There is no video for this song. The video posted above is someone’s slideshow. Pay it no attention.
– This song is not by Courtney Love. At least, not the one you are probably thinking of. This is not by the singer from Hole. This is by the band Courtney Love, who despite being from Seattle, has nothing to do with Courtney Love except in name.


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