29 Apr

The Trojan War section of my history theme continues. Last time, the war had gone to the wrong place. After getting into an unnecessary fight, the Greeks went back home. They had no idea where to find Helen because they really didn’t know where Troy was. In a strange bit of luck, the king of the city that they had just ran wild through was hurt and needed help from the man who injured him to get well. So he finds the man who did the deed, Achilles and trades him info for assistance and that’s how the war got on track. Yes, this here is definitely fiction and it’s really hokey, but it’s part of a story that has lasted the test of time. What do I dedicate to this silly bit of the story?

Song 887- “Right on Track” by Breakfast Club

Why wasn’t this on VH-1’s Top 100 One Hit Wonders of the 80’s? Can anyone explain that to me?


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