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31 May

Yesterday, I talked about Thales and his viewpoint on the world. Elsewhere in the world, another new viewpoint was coming up and influencing people. This one was much more successful than Thales work. In fact, this up and coming view is still practiced today. This time period (6th Century BC) would be the beginning of Buddhism. Buddhism was started by a Nepalese prince by the name of Siddhārtha Gautama. He was never allowed to leave the royal palace and when he was finally allowed to, he saw something Buddhists refer to as the Four Sights. The sheltered young man first saw an old man, confronting him with the reality of age. He then saw a sick man. The third sight was a dead man. Finally, he saw a holy man. That last sight convinced him to help find the route of human suffering. He would find his own path to enlightenment which included 30 days of meditation under a Bodhi tree. After those 30 days, he figured out the answer. He called the answer- the four noble truths:

1. Life is suffering
2. Suffering is caused by desire
3. There is a way to overcome desire
4. That way is the Noble Eightfold Path

The 8 folds are having the right outlook on life, the right intentions, the best use of one’s words, being moral in one’s actions, being moral in your business transactions, putting in the effort, always being mindful, and obtaining the right concentration.

I’m not a religious guy by any stretch of the imagination but I have to admit, it’s quite a view of the world and personally, I feel it’s not a bad one to have. Those eight folds are pretty good things to follow. Having the right intentions and words and always being mindful, I wish more people were like that.

Song 914- “Suffer the Children” by Napalm Death

I don’t think Buddha would’ve approved of Napalm Death but it is about suffering and that is what life is. (And I think this was the first song of its genre that I ever enjoyed).



30 May

The 10kdays look at history marches on with a look at Thales. Thales was one of the world’s earliest philosphers and his theories shaped the culture of the Greeks immensely. In a time where they were immersed in tales of gods and goddesses, Thales was putting together scientific theories on how the world worked. He believed that earthquakes were the result of the planet resting upon a vast sea of water. He also hypothesized that everything in the world was the result of water. Still, Thales could not explain how things transformed from water to objects like earth and bone. For those things, he ended up going to the catch-all answer of god. He made strides in changes of thinking but in the end, could not be the revolutionary himself. But he’s a starting point and here’s a song dedicated to his efforts and philosophies.

Song 913- “Water From The Same Source” by Rachel’s


29 May

We have reached the 7th Century BC and in the first decade of the century, the kingdom of Phrygia lost its independence at the hands of the Cimmerians. The takeover was culminated by the suicide of its last king- Midas. Midas is better known for the legends around him then he is for real life reign. The myth goes that Silenus had himself a drunken bender and wandered away from Dionysus. Midas found him, kept him safe and entertained and eventually returned him. Dionysus thanked him with his heart’s desire which was the ability to touch things and turn them into gold. But his power came with great consequence as he found himself on the brink of starvation, unable to touch food. In the Nathaniel Hawthorne version, he even turns his daughter to gold before finally begging Dionysus to take away the powers. This is just another sign that the people of Greek myth and legend are assholes. Dionysus has his schoolmaster saved from himself and repays the favor in such a way that it wasn’t a reward, it was a curse.

Song 912- “Black Gold” by Soul Asylum

Nowhere close to the same kind of gold BUT I have been wanting to post this song for a while. Such a standout song within “Grave Dancers Union”. It’s written in such a jarring style. I think it really influenced my desire to write about things that other people don’t usually touch upon. This goes in places that some wouldn’t touch because it is a touchy subject.


28 May

I’m all for a new post about another bit of history but I have reached post #911 and that’s too significant a number to let pass. Do I choose a song that is very American and patriotic? Maybe one that is dedicated/inspired by 9/11. Perhaps a song that my kids like alot, since both of my boys were born on 9-11. There are so many ways that you can celebrate reaching post 911. Do I do the infamous Public Enemy song? Maybe the Missy Elliott tune? How about another Songfight tune. This one is from the Songfight annual challenge, the Nur Ein, and it’s a song from a fell song-a-day blogger

Song 911- “State of Emergency” by The Bewells


27 May

The 8th Century is noted for another big event in history, the creation of Rome. The legend says that it was created by a pair of twins named Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a wolf. They would grow up and found the famous city, only to get into a dispute where Romulus killed his own brother and then named the city after himself. This city would, of course, become of huge significance to the world, so it’s founding is definitely worth a post dedicated to it in 10kdays.

Song 910- “Poison Pill” by Raised by Wolves

A classic Songfight song!

Speaking of new creations, 10kdays now has a presence on Twitter.


26 May

With only minutes remaining, here is a song for today. Hmmm. Perhaps a classic? Perhaps a new song? How about a forgotten gem that is dragged out of the recesses of my mind like…

Song 909- “Temple of Dreams” by Messiah

Who loves you and who do you love!!!
Does anyone out there remember this song?


25 May

The 8th Century would bring an addition to the world that would still have significance to this day. There is some debut over the exact date but it is clear that in the 8th Century, in 776 BC, there was the Olympics! Who would think that something that started so long ago would still captivate the world? Maybe it’s because it’s one of the simplest concepts in the world. It’s all about the thrill of sport and competition. Add in a touch of hometown pride and you have something great. So, here’s a song in dedication to the Olympics.

Song 908- “The Winner” by The Crystal Method

A video straight out of Frequency!