5 May

Remember that curse that Agamemnon had gotten for messing with one of Apollo’s priestesses? Well, the bubonic plague that the Greeks got was not the end of it. Apollo was pretty pissed and decided to level another huge blow. Paris was the target of the Greeks’ rage and it was only a matter of time before they met him in battle. It would be a fight between Paris and Achilles. Achilles’ was considered indestructible after being dipped in the river Styx as a child. But the point where Thetis had held Achilles to dip him into the river was his one weak point. Paris got off a lucky shot and struck him right in the heel and killed him. But was it a lucky shot? No. Paris was a good shot but he didn’t have the skill necessary to pull off a shot like that. It was Apollo who guided his hands to get the kill.

Song 892- “Head Over Heels” by the Go-Go’s

Thanks to my love of the game Rock Band and musical documentaries, this has become the year where I gained an appreciation for the Go-Go’s. There is a lot more to this band than 5 women having fun, as this video portrays.


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