9 May

It’s been another late night of rehearsing for my upcoming concert, so I have very little time to post about the Trojan War. I’ve enjoyed doing all this Trojan War research and since we are getting to some of the big stuff (The horse, Agamemnon’s downfall, etc.), I am looking forward to more posts but tonight is not going to be that night. Instead, here’s a great band that I just started listening to called Triclops! The exclamation point is a part of the name. The music is somewhere in the Mastodon vein, perhaps. It’s hard to say…Maybe a harder version of Glassjaw. But at the same time, they enjoy experimenting… a lot. You’ll be able to tell on the very distorted vocals found on this song:

Song 896- “March of the Half Babies” by Triclops!


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