12 May

Let’s talk about a bit of foreshadowing. The destruction of Troy came to the taking of its treasures. That also included its women. Ajax the Lesser decided that he wanted to claim a woman by the name of Cassandra. He did so by raping her on Athena’s altar. That almost got the not-so-glorious Ajax killed by the Greeks. He was spared and Cassandra ended up being given to Agamemnon. The thing about Cassandra was she had the power to see the future but she had been cursed by Apollo. She spurned Apollo’s advances so the god made it that no one ever believed her predictions. She had foreseen the Trojan Horse but couldn’t stop it. And now she was with Agamemnon. She predicted that there was disaster in their future. No one believed her…

Song 899- “Nobody Hears” by the Suicidal Tendencies

Extra (previously featured in this blog):
“Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party” by Fear Before the March of Flames


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