13 May

For my 900th post, I put a cap on the tale of the Trojan War with a look at what happened to its biggest jackass, Agamemnon. He may not have started the war but he took the opportunity to do some incredibly bad decisions. Let’s review. The already cursed king of Mycenae earned the ire of at least two more gods during the war, by killing his own daughter and by stealing Achilles’ concubine. Now he had himself a new concubine of his own, the cursed seer Cassandra, and he’s heading for home. His wife Clytemnstra was already upset with him because he had killed her father before the war and killed their daughter Iphigenia during the war. Coming home with Cassandra in tow was the last straw. Cassandra had seen it coming. For some reason Agamemnon didn’t, but finally he got his comeuppance. Clytemnstra killed him in the bath and killed Cassandra as well.

Song 900- “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge


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