13 Jun

I’m back from Denver and I was going to write up one more post about a band from Denver but I feel the need to blog about something else tonight. This is a music blog. I know that. But I’m not all about the music. One of my favorite things in the entire world is professional wrestling. Many people damn it but I find there are very few things in the world with such all around entertainment value. I didn’t start today’s blog to defend my love of the sport, instead I wanna talk about something that happened last night. Last night the wrestling world lost one of its true legends- Mitsuhara Misawa. To most WWF/E bred wrestling fans, that name means nothing but if you know the sport and know puroresu, then you understand how tragic a loss this is, especially with the fact that it happened in the ring. A simple back suplex. I’ve seen Misawa take hundreds of these. This time, he doesn’t get up. He has heart attack and just dies in the ring. It’s just so shocking.

He was a legend. If I had to give him an American contemporary, I’d struggle. To Japanese wrestling, he meant so much. He was the 2nd man to wear the mantle of Tiger Mask. He created some wrestling’s greatest moves like the Emerald Fusion and the Tiger Driver. He had so many 5 star matches with wrestlers from all around the world for years. I can watch a Misawa match from 10 years ago and then watch one from last year and still be amazed by his work and feel like he didn’t miss a step. The elbow strikes were still crisp. The energy was there. He was unbelievable.

R.I.P. Mitsuhara Misawa (June 18, 1962 – June 13, 2009)

Song 922- “Spartan X”, the Mitsuhara Misawa theme song


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