15 Jun

The 10kdays look at history returns and we are still in the 5th Century BCE. That time period brought the rise of another interesting philosophical thought, Confucianism. Now, unlike Buddhism and other world views, I’ll admit freely that I don’t have a full grasp of Confucianism. Here’s what I get. There are six main principles: etiquette, familial love, righteousness, honesty, humaneness, and nationalism. Basically, it is a set of principles that if you follow, you will live an ethical life. There are rituals surrounding birth, maturity, marriage and death. Any way you slice it, it’s all about humanity. But I will admit, I’m still not sure of all the things that go into Confucianism. There are many texts to follow and with that, many varying perspectives. I’m lost… Anyone wanna help me here?

Song 924- “Humans Being” by Van Halen


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