18 Jun

Readers of 10kdays, I have a question for you. Do you think I should keep on with the History theme? Was it interesting? Or do you prefer the random themes that I did before that? Which do you prefer…

I’m still split on which way to go, so I’m asking the people of the community, who are reading this little blog, what style of 10kdays do you think I should do? Should it be songs and a bit of history? Or should it be all sorts of crazy stuff like before? I’ll take your opinions. In the meantime, here is Placebo’s “Battle for the Sun”. I love the band Placebo. I have from the first time I heard them on 120 Minutes. This new album continues the band’s high quality work. I have heard about 5 songs from it so far and they have all been spectacular.

Song 927- “Battle for the Sun” by Placebo


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