27 Jun

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention the passing of Michael Jackson. He was a very tragic figure in the music world. One third of the trinity of pop with Madonna & Prince (all 50 years old), he was the wackiest of the three and that’s saying something. He grew up in the music biz and it screwed him up some. He had a tough dad and it screwed him up some more. He ended up with a Peter Pan complex, a body dimorphism and a laundry list of other problems (including some drug problems seemingly). But in the middle of all that, he made some of the best pop music ever. I refuse to look at the MJ legacy without addressing the bad stuff but I won’t deny the fact he was an amazing musician. It’s hard to choose a song for this farewell tribute post. Well, I addressed his negatives and so did he at times. I think his video doing so is the perfect song.

RIP Michael Jackson. May your tragic soul find peace.

Song 933- “Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson


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