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31 Jul

There’s just so much going on when you listen to Maximum the Hormone. For one thing, you get a variety of voices. Take for instance, today’s song choice “Kuso Breakin no Breakin Lily”. There is a large chunk of the song that is sung by the drummer, Nao. Her female vocals are balanced by not just one but two other members of the band. There’s Maximum the Ryo, who brings gruffer lead vocals. Then there’s Daisuke Han who brings the death metal screams. That’s another thing. When you listen to the band, you get some death metal, some punk, some pop, even some ska. If you can musically put them into a genre box, you are a better man than I. Even saying J-Rock doesn’t grasp the depth found in this band. Throw up the devil horns, cross them in an X and enjoy.

Song 959- “Kuso Breakin no Breakin Lily” by Maximum the Hormone



30 Jul

I just found something that absolutely blew my mind. I was thinking about what song I should write about today and decided that I should look in my jukebox. I started off with the most played song and realized that I had never written about it in the blog. But I was immediately discouraged because I knew the song was never a single and thus had no music video and the likelihood that I would find a way to post the song, being that it’s a piece of J-rock was going to be pretty slim. I looked on YouTube and found the usual crap: the slideshow with the lyrics or the attempt at humor misheard lyrics (which wasn’t half bad). But then amazingly I found a live version. There is was in all it’s glory- Maximum the Hormone live in concert. I think that’s worthy of a couple of days worth of posting. Today, my favorite MTH song and then tomorrow more about the band. Take in the thunderous power of “Policeman Benz” and check out the energy of the crowd. I wish I could’ve been there pogoing along with them.

Song 958- “Policeman Benz” by Maximum the Hormone


29 Jul

It’s the end of the day and I’m about to settle in and watch the last episode of Season 1 of Dollhouse, the mysterious “Epitaph One”. But first, I need to write about a song for today. Since the episode is called “Epitaph One”, how about I choose one of the many great bands on Epitaph Records. I picked one of their bands for a song of the day recently. I like going to the company’s website and checking out what new songs are there. That’s how I found I Set Your Friends on Fire. For today’s post, a song from the band that started my perusals of Epitaph’s catalog, the strange and controversial Turbonegro.

Song 957- “Sell Your Body To The Night” by Turbonegro


28 Jul

I was just watching Fuse and I saw a video that I had been waiting for. I have a fascination with covers as this blog will attest too. And I greatly enjoy covers that take a song in a completely different direction. One song that begs for it is “Careless Whisper”. In it’s original form, it’s George Michael being full of sappy emotion. It’s not without its charm but what if it take it out of its adult contemporary box. I heard it done 5 years ago (or so) by a band called OSF who rocked it out. It was a great thing to hear. Now another band has taken the rock route with an equal amount of success. The big difference is that Seether’s version has this amazing Code Monkeys style music video. Hell yeah!

Song 956- “Careless Whisper” by Seether


27 Jul

I love female fronted rock but I think that I need to give some more props to some of the male fronted rock that I’ve been playing. For instance, I have been listening to this Soulja Boy cover. I know that’s where your eyebrow raises. Someone thought it would be a good idea to cover Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Crank Dat”. That sounds terrible in theory but what happens when they do it with death metal vocals? You get a work of genius. Sadly, there’s no music video for this version but some kind YouTube has taken the original and replaced the music with the cover. I think it adds to the effect.

Song 955- “Crank Dat” by I Set My Friends On Fire


26 Jul

The need for rock continues in my life. There’s just something in me that is driven to songs with more of an edge. Maybe it’s changes in my life. But a large part of me is just dissatisfied with what’s out there. I think it’s because of growing up/living through the 90’s grudge era and now being stuck in a time where there isn’t the crunch to the rock. Let me take a look at the Hype Machine. The top six bands getting blogged about are Atlas Sound, Kid Sister, Beastie Boys, Major Lazer, Miami Horror and The Big Pink. Atlas Sound is interesting but not crunchy. But what the heck- Kid Sister!?! Miami Horror? Major Lazer? It’s all so dancey-dancey. Where is the rock? I’m gonna keep searching. For now, here’s some Lacuna Coil

Song 954- “Spellbound” by Lacuna Coil


25 Jul

I’m back to seeking out the rock. I subscribed to Century Media’s music videos on YouTube today. I have a great love of the bands on that label. I can just jump onto their website at any time and grab an mp3 and find something new to enjoy that will bring the rock. Take for instance, today’s song. I became interested in the band iwrestledabearonce because of the ridiculous but cool name, and the fact that they were a female fronted Century Media band. The track record for good female fronted Century Media bands was excellent (Lacuna Coil, The Agonist, In This Moment, Arch Enemy). Then I heard a pair of interviews with the band. Ummm. The interviews were so god-awful that I was turned off from the band. I didn’t wanna give them a chance because they came off as such bloody idiots. But I decided to give their music a chance and try to refrain from ever hearing them interview ever again. It worked and now I can enjoy their blistering metal style. They have a knack from making growling metal sounds with odd touches that come from those odd personalities that I don’t like hearing in interviews. Look at that, a negative in one place becomes a positive in another.

Song 953- “You Ain’t No Family” by iwrestledabearonce